The regulations for Hotel King in Rome are set up in order to ensure all guests a comfortable, calm and peaceful use of the facilities. These regulations are contractual obligations. Therefore, the request to stay in our hotel as well as its acceptance imply that you are accepting the whole regulations. Pursuant to Italian legislation, failure to comply with such regulations will lead to guest rejection and notification to public security authorities, such as the police or the carabinieri.

1) Documents: Upon arrival, guests, including minors, have to produce their identity documents in order to be registered and have their presence communicated to the police body;

2) It is strictly forbidden to receive unregistered people in the rooms; any guests are therefore required to leave their identity documents at reception;

3) Parents or guardians are responsible for the actions carried out by minors inside the hotel and they are bound to look after them and make sure they behave themselves towards the other guests. Minors also have to keep appropriate noise level;

4) Rooms are available from 3 pm on arrival and have to be vacated by 11 am on departure, unless otherwise agreed with the hotel's direction. Guests are required to return the room keys to reception. Rates are daily, independently of the arrival time.

5) Pets are always allowed free, as long as guests inform the direction upon reservation. Inside the hotel, guests have to prevent pets from causing troubles, noise or damages for other guests or for the hotel's facilities. Pets can access the hotel exclusively if they are in conformity with health standards. Pets are not allowed into the breakfast room and the dining room. In the other areas of the hotel, they must be kept on a leash. Pets must not prevent our housekeeping staff from cleaning the rooms. The direction is entitled to claim damages for any loss incurred. In compliance with the legislation on the subject, the right to privacy is guaranteed to every guest.

6) It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rooms. Guests are allowed to smoke outside the hotel, on the terrace, balconies or on the Roof garden.

7) Prohibitions: For security reasons, it is forbidden to use stoves, chafing dishes or irons in the rooms. For guests who need to wash, hang out and iron their clothes, please ask our housekeeping staff. The hotel also provides a pay laundry service. Please ask reception as far as rates and laundry bags are concerned. According to municipal regulations, it is forbidden to hang clothes on the windows.

8) Due to food hygiene safety, it is strictly forbidden to bring any kind of food or drinks that are not of the Hotel in the rooms. Failing to do so will result in additional cleaning costs on the room.

9) Bed, bath and table linen is changed according to the regulations applying to three-star hotels. Bath linen is changed every two days, while bed linen is changed once a week. Any daily change will be charged as a supplement. It is forbidden to take linen away from the hotel. In case of missing linen, guests will be charged for it.

10) The hotel practises separate collection of waste. Please use the bins provided. Do not waste water and electricity. Please remember to turn everything off when leaving the room.

11) In case of damages to the hotel's facilities and objects or loss of the room keys, the hotel will charge a compensation for the new object.

12) Valuables safe keeping: The direction refuses to accept any responsibility or reimbursement claim for valuables that are not kept in the rooms' safes or in the hotel's main safe. If guests do not consider the rooms' safes suitable for their valuables, the direction offers a safe keeping service. According to the civil code, the direction is obliged to keep paper securities, cash and valuables, but it is entitled to refuse to keep dangerous, cumbersome or too valuable objects.

13) Quiet hours: From 11:30 pm to 7 am guests are required to behave in such a manner that other people are able to rest (moderate the tone of the voice while in the rooms' area, do not wear clogs or noisy shoes in the rooms, do not slam the doors and do not make a din). Guests can watch the TV or listen to the radio provided that they moderate the volume. At reception, TV headphones are available for guests who may ask for them.

14) Room Keys: For security reasons Room Keys must be left at all time at the Reception when exiting the Hotel. In case of lost Key the client will be charge Euro 50 for reimbursement.

15) The breakfast room is situated on the third floor. Breakfast is served from 7 am to 10 am. The dining room is situated on the third floor (connecting corridor). Guests are kindly asked to respect these timetables.

16) Food has to be eaten in the breakfast room or in the dining room. It is forbidden to take away food from the buffet without the restaurant staff's permission. Both the breakfast room and the dining room are supplied with cameras. Therefore, guests will be charged for food that is taken away.

17) Please promptly inform the restaurant staff or reception about any food intolerance or allergy.

18) Hotel hours: The hotel is open 24 hours a day. In case of emergency, dial the following numbers from the room's phone in order to reach our night service: 9 for reception 112 or 113 for police and carabinieri.

19) Shuttle or bus service: ask reception.

20) Wi-Fi and internet point: Wi-Fi connection is free and can be used exclusively by the hotel guests. The connection covers the whole structure apart from the Reception area and is controlled by e-crime police. Guests need a password in order to access the Wi-Fi network. The internet point is situated next to the Reception.

21) Phone: dial 0 followed by your number to reach a number outside the hotel; dial 9 to call reception; dial 700 to call the bar ; dial 733 to call the breakfast room; dial 9 in case of night emergencies.

22) TV in the room: digital terrestrial television with the possibility to switch to foreign channels. Please moderate the volume.

23) Payments: guests are required to pay their bill the day of departure. We accept the following types of payment: cash, bank, debit card, credit card, bank transfer: CREDITO VALLTELLINESE – SEDE DI ROMA - IBAN: IT 72H0521603229000000011487 (BIC) SWIFT: BPVIT2S

24) City tax: the city tax is not included in the hotel's rates and has to be paid separately. The hotel collects the city tax on behalf of Rome municipality. The money collected is employed for tourism.



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